Investor control is a person who is employed by a contracting authority and is his representative in front of the  contractor.

Main activities associated with this service are:

  •  preventing unnecessary costs and unfair deals with contractors

  • quality control of construction and repair works and input materials

  • control over the quality and quantity of input materials

  • control over deals and acts

  • monitoring and verifying the completeness of the design, construction and architectural documentation related to the execution of works

  • supervision of the implementation of project documentation

  • coordination and supervision over the subcontractors

  • preparation of linear schedules for the construction process and supervising their performance

  • realization of organizational links and relationships with the bodies of construction supervision, construction technicians on site, as well as supervisors from other specialties

  • other tasks, assigned by the Investor, related to the construction work


With the accumulated experience in construction and renovation, as well as the possession of appropriate training and education Melainvest and Partners Ltd. fully covers the requirements for appointment to this position, ensuring quality and efficiency.