The company has a design bureau composed of young professionals with full design capacity. The team is prepared to design as per provided architectural projects as well as per performed architectural shooting. The preparation and practice of the engineering team of Melainvest and Partners Ltd. are focused on designing and building systems that ensure easy operation and efficient and economical operation.

As a contractor for the company offers its employees the opportunity to work and monitor systems in practical operation, which provides a comprehensive, pragmatic approach to every design installation and maximum compliance with the work mode used by Investor.

Melainvest and Partners Ltd. has a long tradition in the design, as there are a number of prestigious projects already built. The design is done in the most contemporary European norms and standards, and the materials fully comply with the requirements of the European Union. All components, used in the projects, are tested by certified laboratories and have the necessary certificates and declarations of conformity. All facilities are accompanied by technical passport for the operation and installation in the Bulgarian language.